Deco Dreams

Deco Dreams

Limited Edition

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Chrysler Building, New York
I could not get enough shots of this simply amazing iconic building. Day/night/sunset/sunrise, it’s architecture drew me in like a magnet. I was addicted. My biggest challenge was rooftop access to capture this beauty like no one else had. This was always so much hard work, but persistence and passion paid off. I knew I wanted this angle to complete my portfolio. The game was on. Security was off the charts and a week of solid rain didn’t really help matters. Then I got the call I was hanging on for from one of my mates high up in banking. “Meet me in the lobby at 5 am”, is what the voicemail said. I knew it was on.

Looking at the deco masterpiece as soon as I got out of the elevator blew my mind. I worked hard and fast as I knew soon the light would go out as the city woke up.

The colors in the city kicked in and the whole scene looked like a painting. I was stoked hardly seeing this in my view finder. It’s what I came here for – the spirit of NYC

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Deco Dreams