Crystal Sands

Crystal Sands

Limited Edition

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White Sands, New Mexico
Capturing the true spirit of Mother Nature is always a challenge — it’s what I live for. Every day is different — her moods are always changing — you never know what’s going to happen. The wild expanse of these pure white sand dunes blew my mind. Miles and miles of sculpted dunes — days of traversing really pushed me to the limit. I was chasing the perfect dune — the fine line of perfection in nature I strive for. Chasing the light in bright midday sun was bloody murder — and so intense I needed two pairs of sunglasses — one on top of the other. Traversing miles of sand dunes put me in total isolation — constantly losing my bearings — it all looked the same and getting lost out there was so easy to do. I needed the day’s last rays to really cast its shadows and transform this white desert into crystal sands. Persistance on day 5 paid off. The composition was perfect and some late afternoon clouds rolled in — a welcome relief after 4 days of sunny bland skies. As the sun hit the horizon I pressed the shutter — the rays exploding on the horizon. It was a magical feeling to witness this moment — alone with Mother Nature.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Crystal Sands