Sail boat off the rocky coast of Ibiza, Spain under a full moon and lightning filled sky at night

The Perfect Storm

Limited Edition

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Ibiza, Spain
It was a balmy summer evening in beautiful Ibiza. This was the night of nights, it was all about to happen!

I knew a full moon was rising this night and wanted to find a remote location to capture it–away from the lights and action in town. Perched on the cliffs edge, I setup my tripod and framed the shot. I could see a thunderstorm approaching on the horizon – the anticipation was unreal!

Knowing right on nightfall the moon was going to rise through the storm – my heart raced. The moment of glory happened in just seconds. The moon burst through the storm clouds shadowed by lightning, adding an unsurpassed beauty to the scene.
At that moment a lone sailboat crossed my path, highlighted in the ocean moonlight. I reacted on instinct, blazing off frame after frame. I needed to use three different lenses with multiple exposures to capture this epic scene that unfolded before me. This was literally the perfect storm! The moon, the lightning and the unexpected addition of a single sailboat coming into port- it was absolutely surreal!

Seconds later, the boat vanished, the moon rose out of frame – and I was left with the sound of thunder echoing across the bay. I was blown away – it felt like I was in a dream. I pushed myself and my equipment to the limit and was rewarded with a once in a lifetime display of mother nature I have never witnessed before.

90 Artist Proof / 1900 Limited Edition

Sail boat off the rocky coast of Ibiza, Spain under a full moon and lightning filled sky at night