Cobblestone streets of Venice Italy lit by the yellow glow of street lamps at night

A Night In Prague

Limited Edition


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Prague, Czech Republic
There is a completely cultural feel to the Czech Republic – home to my ancestors and parents who have spent years reminiscing about the beauty and charm of a country they were once forced to abandon. I felt amazing pride, finally seeing that same beauty with my own eyes. Prague’s incredible, 500-year-old architecture offers a breathtaking backdrop to the surprisingly constant bustle echoing through the many corridors of this ancient city. The curved streets just seem to lead you on a journey that becomes more interesting with every step. As I walked along the cobblestones, I could sense Prague’s long and rich history. I felt pure emotion surging through me as I took in every moment. After days of exploring, I finally found this unexpected, quiet scene – a rare moment with not a person or car in sight. Just the faint sounds of the past. I set my camera up to one side of the alleyway in order to create a three-dimensional look. The rounded feel of this image will always remind me of just how surreal and stunning that moment was – perfectly lit by the gentle glow of the neighborhood’s vintage street lamps. This is the essence of Prague – a magical vision that totally captured my heart and my soul.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Cobblestone streets of Venice Italy lit by the yellow glow of street lamps at night