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Venice, Italy
As I sat on a worn out bench at the water’s edge, I reflected on the beautiful moments of the past with every sip of wine. All around me, the city grew more and more silent – peaceful. 10P rolled in and out as all the shops and restaurants began to shut their doors for the evening. The bustling streets were replaced with a sensual, tranquil atmosphere and the faint smell of an old wood-burning fireplace hung in the air. I knew the moment I was waiting for would soon be at hand. I needed the ultimate quiet and calm that only occurs during the late hours. Finally, midnight was upon me and the atmosphere grew incredibly serene. As I pressed the shutter, a completely romantic and blissful feeling came over me – mirrored perfectly in the still water of this historical city.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Boat near the back porch of an old building reflecting off the canal in Venice Italy at night