East River Crossing

East River Crossing

Limited Edition

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Brooklyn, New York
Spending over a month in New York, I searched all angles at all times of the day to select that magic moment and capture the real tranquil beauty of this famous city. I chose this angle at twilight, lining up two of the most iconic bridges in the world featuring the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground and the Manhattan Bridge delicately framed in the background.  The work, design, and architecture in this bridge is simply phenomenal. I had to capture that on film. Bland, clear skies had haunted me all week (a photographers nightmare) and I anxiously waited in this location for seven nights in a row. Luckily for me, the weather forecast was finally correct. As the sun set, wispy white clouds gathered around the gorgeous sandstone pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge. My goal is always to give New York City a painterly feel, a soft and romantic edge to such a full-on, buzzing city. I used a 60 second long exposure to capture the movement of the gorgeous sunlit skies and smooth over the flowing water. It gave the shot the mood I was chasing - Mother Nature casting her magic over this iconic city. This was it, through the lens – the one minute shot I waited all day and all week for. “East River Crossing” was finally captured!

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

East River Crossing