Blazing Skies

Limited Edition


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Martinez, California
Northern California is truly a magical place. The diversity of its landscape is just mind-blowing. From the grandeur of Yosemite to the stature of the Sierras and down to the flowing beaches of Calabria – this place is just a ripper of a wonderland. Sometimes however, beauty is found in some of the most unexpected places. While exploring the rolling hills of Martinez, this lone oak tree captured my eye. It really stood out. Its windblown character had been created from years of coastal breezes. Most trees are symmetrical and uniform. This one didn’t follow that normal rule. I continued hiking and searching for more, but gravitated back to the windy tree. I couldn’t let this go. I waited hours for the sunset to finally boot in, and knew it was worth it. As the blazing skies caught fire, I was in total awe – this basic shot of a tree on a hill transformed into a moment of pure beauty.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Single wind blown tree on a small brown grass field in California at sunset