Pond full of lily pads with Autumn colors reflecting on the water

Autumn Impressions

Limited Edition


Snow covered shoreline and forest surrounding the a lake in front of Mount Baker Washington

Cascade Reflections

Limited Edition


Dirt trail running through the moss covered forest in Olympic National Park Washington

Deep Forest

Limited Edition


Sun shining through the fern and moss covered forest within Olympic National Park Washington

Divine Light

Limited Edition


Old wood jetty stretching out over a calm lake in Seattle Washington

Endless Dreams

Limited Edition


Giant yellow sun rising into a red sky behind the silhouette of a tree and hillside in Centerville Washington

In Search of the Sun

Limited Edition


Branches covered in cherry blossoms reaching over the water in front of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC


Limited Edition


Japanese Maple tree covered with moss and full of red and orange leaves growing in a patch of ferns in Oregon

Infinity Tree

Limited Edition


Silhouette of a sea stack covered with trees reflecting off the beach at sunset with the stars and milky way behind

Island in the Sky

Limited Edition

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OE 0025 - LIK Fine Art

OE 0025

Open Edition


OE 0045 - LIK Fine Art

OE 0045

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OE 0049 - LIK Fine Art

OE 0049

Open Edition


OE 0054 - LIK Fine Art

OE 0054

Open Edition


OE 0062 - LIK Fine Art

OE 0062

Open Edition


Wet red maple leaves hanging in front of a white and grey waterfall in Washington

Scarlet Falls

Limited Edition

Sold Out

Wooden jetty covered with Autumn leaves reaching out over a misty lake in Seattle Washington

Secret Morning

Limited Edition


Close up of Panther Creek Falls pouring down a moss covered rock wall with a beam of light shining on it

Sunrise Falls

Limited Edition


Sun shining through an archway cut into a rock wall along the ocean with waves washing onto rocks

Temple of the Sun

Limited Edition


Bright pink weeping cherry tree hill in full bloom sitting on a grass in front of a pond in Washington

Tree of Dreams

Limited Edition


Silhouettes of the rock sea stacks and shoreline along Second Beach Washington at sunset

Twilight Reflections

Limited Edition


Waterfalls - LIK Fine Art


Element Pack