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Peter is Bringing His Galleries to Chicago's Magnificent Mile

"Windy City" Gallery Set to Open June 2018

A longtime in the making, Peter’s upcoming launch of LIK Fine Art Chicago is the culmination of 29 years of perseverance. Ever since he first visited the third-largest city in The States in the early nineties, Peter has remained a dedicated fan of its culture, people, and beauty. Now, perfectly situated within the “Windy City’s” premier commercial district – the Magnificent Mile – the Master Photographer is set to unveil 3,500 square feet of landscape imagery that honors and complements the gallery’s world famous surroundings.

With over 200 years of inspirational history behind it, Chicago is not without deep character, especially in the form of fine art. Museums, galleries, and public works, including a sculpture by Picasso himself, spotlight an intimate connection to cubism, surrealism and representational styles: “I have always felt at home here,” said Peter. “This is a city that warmly welcomes fine art and creativity of all kinds. Most importantly, it has offered me an endless landscape to capture and share with the world.” 

Lined on both sides by the district’s top boutiques, eateries, and department stores, this latest installment at 444 Michigan Avenue is a prime example of the Artist’s expert ability to bring the outdoors in. Designed and constructed by Peter himself, along with the help of local craftsmen, it’s interior provides a visual escape to the most beautiful spots on Earth. “I am so grateful to the City of Chicago for letting me in, and I could not be prouder to showcase a collection of works that reflect my love for Mother Nature” added Peter.

Stay tuned—the Grand Opening date will be announced shortly!