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Lik Adds an Extra Dimension to His Art with Jewel Homes

Updated 06/09/2022

After over 35 years of pushing the boundaries of fine art, Master Photographer, Peter Lik, is expanding his depth of field to include a stunning collection of regionally diverse real estate that has already caught the attention of top industry insiders and experts. The same, keen eye that has sold over $700 million in award-winning landscape imagery to valued collectors, including royalty, presidents and celebrities, is now the artistic force behind Jewel Homes.

Lik’s driving inspiration for Jewel Homes originates from his renowned love of travel and architecture. Over the years, he has made countless trips to Greece and the Mediterranean at large—capturing and studying the natural landscape and its complementary manmade structures. In this dream-like collection of custom dwellings from around the world, we bring the tangible vibes and inexplicable beauty of his adventures to life.

Following the mantra of “less is more,” each one of these individually crafted homes features a simple and uncluttered interior. Bright, white, and cozy environments set the stage for eye-popping furniture, fine art displays, and entertainment centers. Sweeping floors of wood and stone, including hand-selected blocks of Italian marble, give way to massive windows and doors of pristine glass that are digitally integrated to bring the outdoors in – or shut it out – at the touch of a button. 

Working with local craftsmen, artists and materials, Lik believes in maintaining the integrity of the architecture through the careful supervision of every element involved. As a result, each creation becomes a masterwork in itself—with nuance and character designed to fit perfectly with the natural surroundings.

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Published 06/08/2020